Patriotic Solid Brass Picture Frame - Time Period?


Nov 11, 2016
Upstate NY - The Finger Lakes Region
Hello Folks -

Been a long time, but surgeries and the covid have slowed down any collecting. :-(

Anyhow, I picked up this picture frame. Had in it a WW1 Soldier's photo. I don't see it as WW1 Period, but am not sure of when it may be from.

It has it all!! :nerd: From the bottom up, cannon balls, star, wreath, cannons, shields, drums, bugles, muskets, pikes, flagging engraved "UNION" and "LIBERTY", swords, Dragoon Helmets, flags and of course the American Eagle (right facing?) with arrows and olive branches.

The back has some strange pointy hooks, which I couldn't figure out, but now think they are for wire to hang with.

Well, anyhow..., enjoy. I had fun just finding all the items on it. Definitely a lot to prep for casting.

A bit off topic, but any thoughts appreciated!

Best Regards!
- Mike