Patrick R. Rohan


Jan 17, 2010
My world was enhanced for meeting and spending some time with Pat. Everyone's will be be a little dimmer with his passing.
Rest in Peace Friend


Feb 11, 2009
Prairie Grove
You who know me know I'm not great with words..but here goes.....

It's not often that one has the opportunity to have the once in a life time moment to meet someone who can open ones heart for a great friendship and to learn to get out of ones southern "box". Pat was a significant long distance friend who taught me to look further and see a different viewpoint on many things. When I went to G'Burg to meet some of you guys, I was afaid of Pat picking me up with Kelly. He seemed so different and of strong opinions...I thought the man was going to really kick my southern ***! Those who were there know the rest of the story. I think he knew then what was about to happen due to our private conversations in G'Burg. His memory will stick with me and Pat will be greatly missed.


1st Lieutenant
Aug 12, 2011
Rest easy old friend, your work here is done and you will not be forgotten. Respect is earned, you earned it and then some. Never faltering on principle, holding yourself and others to a high standard.
You waged a war of wills with this dragon we name cancer and for many years against the odds you won small battles which to me seemed like huge victories, but you never stopped fighting, never rested against the villain. If I can summon up the strength to carry on such a valiant stand when the flames of the dragon flash before me, it will be in no small way because you put a name and a face to courage.
Rest easy, Dear friend.

JPK Huson 1863

Brev. Brig. Gen'l
Feb 14, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
Prayers to his family, also think he's no doubt made a bee-line for all those people we've only been able to wonder about all this time. I can't claim Pat as a personal friend, but a member here who shared with new people. Much thanks for that.

Condolances to all who lost a friend also, take care.