Our Men Are, So Far As Amusement Is Concerned, Reduced To A State Bordering On Famine.


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Jul 23, 2017
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Amusements, too, are getting scarce.

At first there was high fun arising from the guileless, unsuspicious nature of the cows and pigs which frequent this section. Then a squad of grunters or a bevy of cattle would stroll innocently into camp, their motions watched with intense, eager interest by half a hundred loungers, till they reached the center of the camp, and then —hurrah boys ! Lucky for each cow was it if she escaped, leaving the rich contents of her udders in the tin-cups of the thirsty crowd, her horns held by a half dozen, and her tail ignominiously drawn taut by as many more, as they distrained her treasures; and lucky was it for each' pig if he was able to pass the lines with enough breath loft in his poor body to give a single grunt of commiseration over the depravity of human nature.

But now the Colonel has stopped the milking and ordered the sentries to keep all cows outside of the lines; and as for pigs, if one but does stroll within sight of the white tents of his enemies, he turns tail instantly, and with a grunt of suspicious dislike, scampers industriously to a safer point.

Thus it happened that the most fruitful source of amusement to the men has been stopped, and now, with the exception of an occasional game of base ball, a quadrille at night to the music of a melancholy fiddle, or the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner," our men are, so far as amusement is concerned, reduced to a state bordering on famine.

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Aug 30, 2011
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I think being bored would serve me better than participating in a Gander Ball but being a spectator wouldn't be too bad I guess. At least the men could keep their dance steps sharp for their sweethearts when they came home after the war. I'm sure there would be plenty of real balls and dances to attend for celebrating the end of the war.

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May 5, 2017
I remember as a kid going to weddings in Chicago, and all the gals danced with each other. It was normal! I will say my Father is an excellent dancer, and I have fond memories of dancing the Chicago version of the jitter bug.