Our Ladies Of Gettysburg, Validated, Defended And Dues Paid

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Feb 14, 2012
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Not just Ladies- all citizens of Gettysburg. One portion of this article highlights how homes were typically so filled with wounded post battle, children were sent elsewhere to sleep.

Found one of the more definitive articles countering LL Crouse's hugely damaging rant released through the national media attacking Gettysburg citizens. This had disasterou, long range consequences since Crouse, seeming to enjoy the controversy, never truly recanted 100%. Given the extreme heroics performed by citizens in rescuing and caring for wounded men, North and South, the enormity of tese unfair, despicable charges rankled across the country in the hearts of those who had seen Gettysburg's generous spirit.

One strong condemnation is nicely explanatory. 150 years later, I won't even post the man's silly rant. This contains some.

rupp house.JPG

The Rupp house, seen here as troops march into Gettysburg November, 1863, had passed through horrors after opening doors to wounded during and post battle. Today a landmark, at the time one, more Gettysburg home which welcomed as many wounded as could fit beneath the roof.

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cw gb town.jpg

Just one section of town- imagine nearly all these homes as hospitals. Those who did not leave as the invasion threatened, endured the battle then took in wounded.

gb 2560 northcrop left.jpg

General Hospital, on the hill, the dots of white. Some wounded remained in homes after it opened. Women whose wounded were moved to the hospital either followed them to nurse or went to the Seminary or College hospitals, where wounded lay in good numbers.

rupp watching troops new.jpg

The earlier photo- guessing the home across the street is identifiable, too- I just do not know which it might be.

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