Opposing the 15th Amendment: George Pendleton (McClellan's VP Candidate) "make no promises to the negro"

Pat Young

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Jan 7, 2013
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George Hunt Pendleton was one of the most prominent conservative Democrats in the North. He had served as a Congressman from Ohio and in 1864 he was the Peace Democrat who ran as George McClellan's vice presidential running mate. In 1868 he was a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination and led the voting for 15 ballots before ultimately losing to Horatio Seymour. Pendletonwas a trusted advocate for the white Democrats in the South. He advised against the moderate Democratic suggestion that a compromise between their party and the emerging black electorate was necessary for them to regain power from the Republicans.

Daily Constitutionalist
Sunday, Mar 14, 1869
Augusta, GA
Vol: 26
Page: 2


James Brenner

Nov 10, 2016
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Additionally, as a result of Garfield's assassination by a frustrated office seeker, Pendleton sponsored the Pendleton Civil Service Act which created a system based upon merit for government jobs and replaced (somewhat) cronyism and patronage .