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There are different kinds of threads in this forum, please follow this guide to Thread Prefixes!
  • DISCUSSION: A place to have a friendly discussion about any Civil War subject, not a place for a debate. Threads with no PREFIX are considered discussions.

  • OPEN DEBATE: A place to have a friendly debate. This doesn't have to be a structured format, just a polite conversation is fine! Show the forum how it's done!

  • COUNTERPOINT: This is for topics that have some amount of disagreement between sides. Two threads are created, and in the first post of each the other Counterpoint thread is linked and the topic is listed. Each side will be able to discuss their side without interference from the other. Quoting is NOT allowed. A Counterpoint thread may be created either by request of a member, or by a moderator as needed as topics are created.

  • RESTRICTED: This is a Moderated discussion format for discussions that require oversight. Topics might include: slavery, black confederates, secession, any 1860's era political discussions, and other topics as needed. This type of discussion will be moved to a Moderated Forum if it was started in the wrong place.

  • LIMITED: These are Moderated & Time Limited discussions for highly contentious subjects. Topics would include: Confederate Flags, Removal of Monuments, and Modern Politics as it relates to the American Civil War. This type of discussion will be moved to a Moderated Forum if it was started in the wrong place.

REMEMBER when using this forum, or any forum on CivilWarTalk: AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH RESPECT - Have a healthy exchange of opinions. You can agree to disagree. You may challenge another member's opinions, but challenge RESPECTFULLY. Do not insult, abuse or verbally attack others. Failure to comply will meet disciplinary action.

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Please read this important press release from the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides at Gettysburg. I implore you to consider communicating with your US Senator as soon as possible to object to the carte blanch removal of monuments from federally operated battlefields.


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