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Dec 30, 2016
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I've heard 3 generations of 101st troopers say the eagle on the patch is "Old Abe." If it wasn't originally, it certainly is now!
I would think that WWII, Viet Nam and what my son went through in Afghanistan and Iraq would apply. He is air assault qualified to jump out of helicopters as well. The 82nd does the parachute stuff now. Yes, it was "Old Abe" that inspired the 101 patch. I think one issue of "Military Images" magazine devoted a history of all the images of "Old Abe" during his lifetime, I sent that section to my son through the U.S. mail. He still has the 101 patch on his master Sgt's dress uniform to this day on the right breast. The 1rst CAV patch is on his left shoulder


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Jul 23, 2017
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Lot of great stories out there about Old Abe - and books. Hard to find a first hand account from someone who saw Old Abe during the war who didn't mention her. And as true blue as she was made out to be, she had a little 'grey' in her.

From The Eagle Regiment (post war at the World's Fair)

While Gen. Sherman was addressing the people, one day, in the main room of the Exposition Building, fired to enthusiasm over the victory of our arms,mentioning the emblems of the nation around him, and among them the Eagle, he precipitately put out his hand to stroke the plumage of our hero, when he wheeled upon his perch with a savage screech at the General, his white feathers ruffled, trying to fight him for such presumption.

The vast audience roared with laughter, when the orator blushingly remarked—"Beat this time!"
Sep 28, 2013
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Old Abe was a female eagle. Like most birds of prey, female eagles are larger than male eagles.
Now that's a cool fact !

I never knew that.

I've always known that male birds are the most colorful.
And that's only because it's easier for "Daddy bird" to distract potential predators from "Momma bird and the baby birds".

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