Oh That I Were Rich!

Ole Miss

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Dec 9, 2017
North Mississippi
Like many of us the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is experiencing financial difficulties. The gist of the problem is:
"The Lincoln museum’s fundraising foundation, which borrowed $23 million in 2007 to buy the trove from private collector Louise Taper, still owes $9.2 million on a note due in October 2019"*

If I only had a few dollars to acquire Lincoln memorabilia but alas my allowance just won't cover the cost. I certainly do not begrudge collectors their acquisitions but do regret that museums are losing these valuable artifacts for public viewing to private collections. I realize that it has been private collectors who from the beginning have preserved much valuable history and created many of the very museums discussed in this post but many won't let me view their treasures and I can not blame them.

Hopefully some philanthropic person or organization can be found to save the collection.

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