" Oh Give Me Back The Angelic Face Again ", The Age-Old Lament

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Feb 14, 2012
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This illustration from one of the ' Lady's Companion ' books prevalent at the time ( and for decades before the war ) really rubs it in to we girls. Fleeting time, fleeting youth!

Thread title is from Longworth, please excuse puns. He'd given this whole age thing some thought and seems so drippy on the topic, we can't be surprised his sentiments, seemingly shared by poets since someone invented paper and the means to scratch on it, instilled fear in feminine hearts.

Small article in Harper's Weekly, 1863, made me laugh. Goodness knows I'm not happy to see we girls picked at but his point spans generations. We're still at it! If I see one, more ad peddling a wonder elixir scaring women into buying, by telling us all about how ugly is age, I'm not responsible for throwing rocks at the television.

Disclaimer here would be no one could pay me to go backwards in time. ( no, really ), having been 20. It would be exhausting. While the whole ' getting old gracefully ' thing holds no appeal, seems a waste yearning for whatever ' youth ' may be.


" This is partly the fault of their masculine friends..... " True enough. ' Looks ' have haunted us since Day One. Why we felt or feel impelled to pay any attention whatsoever to opinions by anyone, male or female, is baffling.

Pre-war, this could not have helped! " Stages of Life " Too funny.
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" Flowers are lovely; Love is flower-like;
Friendship is a sheltering tree;
O the joys! that came down shower-like,
Of Friendship, Love, and Liberty,
Ere I was old!
Ere I was old? Ah woeful Ere,
Which tells me, Youth's no longer here!
O Youth! for years so many and sweet
'Tis known that Thou and I were one,
I'll think it but a fond conceit -
It cannot be that Thou art gone!
Thy vesper-bell hath not yet tolled -
And thou wert aye a masker bold!
What strange disguise hast now put on,
To make believe that thou art gone?
I see these locks in silvery slips,
This drooping gait, this altered size:
But Springtide blossoms on thy lips,
And tears take sunshine from thine eyes:
Life is but Thought: so think I will
That Youth and I are housemates still
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Also drippy but at least we know men did it, too.
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Jan 31, 2017
I have observed the same behavior in people (men and women) today, behaving way too juvenile for their age, as if by taking risks, or doing more than they are physically capable of doing and pushing their physical limits of endurance to a health breaking point, they're holding onto youth. I see this especially in those who are found without a mate later in life, as if acting a part will still attract one. Sad. Just be yourself. If you have to prove yourself worthy, they aren't worth it.
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