Oakwood Confedetate Cemetery April 1865 Examination/Identification Of The Dead


Nov 3, 2019
Hey Y'all!

A while back we worked together to identify Private William Newlin who was killed at Sharpsburg and I was wondering if we could do the same with Oakwood.

Mr. John Banks several years ago with the help of another gentleman identified several of the men in Oakwood's Confedetate Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Does anyone here want to double check these names and see if they find anything?


At Oakwood each stone represents three graves.

Something I would like to do is get the following men their proper headstones:

Privates H. L. Harwood 5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Company "K"

Bolding M. Ferrell 35th Georgia Infantry Regiment Company "C"

Enoch W. Martin 19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Company "I"

Also I THINK that the headboard beside William Ambrose's tag above his headboard in the attached image from Mr. Bank's blog reads "G. W. Carroll"

This could possibly be George Washington Carroll "F" Company 1st Louisiana Regulars.

Original image from the Library of Congress:


Let's see if we can find any more names!


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