Noxubee Rifles, Co. F, 11th Mississippi

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Dec 31, 2010
Kingsport, Tennessee
My 2x grandfather wore green with the 11th Mississippi Infantry, Noxubee Rifles. Does anybody have any more information on them?
Welcome !

Eleventh Mississippi Infantry

The following was taken from the Supplement to the Offical Records

Record of Events for Eleventh Mississippi Infantry,
February 1861-March 1865.
Field and Staff

William [Hudson] Moore, Col.
[Philip Frank] Liddell, Col.
Samuel F. Butler, Col.
Francis [Marion] Green, Col.
T. S. Evans, Maj.
[Reuben Oscar] Reynolds, Col.
William [Benjamin] Lowry, Col.
[Alexander] H. Franklin, Col.
George W. Shannon, Col.
Robert H. Dalton, Surg.
Benjamin F. Ward, Surg.
Edward Lea, A.S.
William B. Shields, A.S.
Jemison H. Moore, Adj.
Thomas C. Holliday, Adj.
[Joseph] J. Evans, Adj.
W. J. Mauldin, Adj.
William R. Marksdale, A.Q.M.
Silas Owen, A.Q.M.
Thomas D. Hamilton, A.Q.M.
Thomas J. Davidson, A.C.S.
P. A. Peebles, A.C.S.
A. M. Davis, Ens.
Samuel A. Tarrant, A.C.S.
Franklin L. Hope, Ens.
Thomas M. Blackwell, Chap.
T. A. S. Adams, Chap.
J. H. Cason, Chap.
E. C. Davidson, Chap.
Officers of Company F

George T. Wier, Capt., r. November 14, 1862
James H. Rives, 1st Lt.
William D. Longstreet, 2nd Lt.
Thomas J. Stokes, Capt.
Daniel A. Featherstone, 2nd Lt., killed July 3, 1863
Charles 0. Brooks, 1st Lt.
Newton L. Wood, 2nd Lt.
Samuel A. Tarrant, 2nd Lt., A.C.S.
William K. Wiggins, 2nd Lt., killed September 17, 1862
George W. Spooner, 1st Lt., dropped April 21, 1862
William A. May, 2nd Lt., dropped April 21, 1862
Joseph K. Dixon, 2nd Lt.
Company F

Station not stated, February 24, 1861.
Stationed at Lynchburg, Virginia, May 13, 1861.
May 13.— Muster-in roll of Captain George T. Wier's Company,
in the Eleventh Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers, commanded
by Colonel William H. Moore, called into the service of the Con-
federate States in the Provisional Army under the provisions of
the Act of Congress passed March 6, 1861 by — from May 13,
1861 (date of this muster) for the term of twelve months, unless
sooner discharged. . . .
Major and Assistant Adjutant-General,
Mustering Officer.

Stationed at Winchester, Virginia, April 26-June 30, 1861.
Stationed at Camp Jones near Manassas, July-August 1861.
April 26.— My company was enlisted by me at Macon, Missis-
sippi and removed thence by railroad to Lynchburg, Virginia.
May 15.— Was mustered into the service of the Confederate
States of America as part of the Eleventh Regiment, Mississippi
Volunteers, by Colonel Edmund Kirby Smith.

May 17-19.— On or about May 17 was ordered to Harper's
Ferry, at which place we arrived on May 19, where it remained.
June 14.— That post was evacuated by General Joseph
[Eggleston] Johnston and the troops under his command ordered
to Winchester, Virginia, which place we reached after a march of
three days.
July 2.— We were ordered in the direction of Martinsburg and
after an absence of five days we were again ordered back to
July 18-20.— We were ordered to Manassas Junction, which
place we reached on the morning of July 20.

July 21.— The company was engaged in the battle of Bull Run
and had three killed and twelve wounded in the fight, one of
whom, W. J. Davis, died of his wounds on July 18. The com-
pany has suffered severely from measles and other diseases inci-
dent to camp life. Richard E. Bobbitt and Robert R. Feunster
have died of typhoid fever.
Company F, Eleventh Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers.

Station not stated, September-October 1861.
September 18-19.— Left Camp Jones near Bristoe, Virginia and
marched to Camp Fisher near Dumfries, Virginia, a distance of
eighteen miles, arriving at the latter place on September 19.
Stationed at Camp Fisher, Virginia, November-December 1861.
Station not stated, January-April 1862.
Stationed near Martinsburg, May-June 1862.
Stationed near Petersburg, Virginia, May-June 1864.
May 4.— The company left camp near Orange Court-House, Vir-
ginia. Was engaged in both days' fight of the Wilderness.
May 10.— [Engaged] at Talley's Mill.
May 12.— [Engaged in] the battle of Spotsylvania Court-House.

May 23-June 1.— Moving then by right flank, crossed North
Anna River, taking up position near Hanover Junction. Leaving
there we moved to Atlee's Station on Virginia Central Railroad.
Left this position on June 1.
June 2.— Participated in flank movement near Bethesda Church.
June 3.— Under heavy fire during the day, then moved by right
flank to Gaines' Farm. From there to White Oak Swamp.
June 18-22.— Moved to south side of James River, taking posi-
tion on General [George Edward] Pickett's line near Bermuda
Hundred, which place we left on June 22. Marched all night,
recrossing the James River at Drewry's Bluff and taking position
near Chaffin's Farm.

Stationed near Petersburg, Virginia, July-December 1864.
Stationed near Petersburg, Virginia, March 30, 1865.
This company was organized at Macon, Mississippi on April
26, 1861. Mustered into the service of the Confederate States at
Lynchburg, Virginia May 13, 1861.
From thence the regiment of which this company constituted
a portion, was ordered to repair to Harper's Ferry, West Vir
ginia, where it remained some three weeks and then took up the
line of march on June 21 for Winchester, Virginia, at which place
it remained four weeks, when orders were received to repair to
Manassas to participate in the great battle which came off on July

On arriving at Piedmont Station on the Manassas Gap Rail-
road, transportation being limited, only two companies of the
regiment (this one and Company A) arrived at Manassas in time
for the fight. The battle being over this company rejoined the
regiment on the night of July 21 and marched and proceeded the
next day to camp at Bull Run and near the battlefield of July 21.
Our stay at that proved to be only for a few days. Removing our
camp south four miles below Manassas on the Orange and
Alexandria Railroad, where we remained until September 17,
when we moved to Camp Fisher near Dumfries, Virginia and
constructed huts for winter quarters.
The company has participated in every battle of importance
fought by the Army of Northern Virginia, except the first an

second battles of Fredericksburg, as will be seen by reference to
the record. The company has had over 150 men on its roll but
battles and disease have reduced us down to about forty-five for
duty, only one-third of whom are now present. Owing to time
being limited only a brief sketch of this company can be given at
present but it is to be hoped that at some future day we will be
able to present the state of Mississippi with a more complete
record of the part taken by the troops which she has furnished to
the Army of Northern Virginia.
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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!
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