Notes on Northern Slavery

W. Richardson

Jun 29, 2011
Mt. Gilead, North Carolina
And yet the scale cannot be equated.

No one is trying to balance or equal the scale, it already is equal. Slavery in the North, slavery in Europe, slavery in Brazil, Slavery in Africa, was no better, nor no worse than slavery in the South. Slavery my friend, is slavery..........There is no good slavery. The North emancipated their slaves, the North abolished their slavery, but let's not show those pearly whites yet, for to emancipate slaves in the North, to abolish slavery in the North does not clean the slate. A ton of good does not cure an ounce of bad. The world is dirty up to it's neck cause of slavery.......................The institution of slavery, I'll not being using the term "peculiar" when referring to Southern slavery any more, for their was nothing "peculiar" about it, it was the same as slavery around the world, was, is, and always will be evil and vile..........

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Mar 28, 2016
Waynesboro, PA
At least into the first few decades of the 19th Century, NH had slaves. Few was the number. But they, along with other NE states, didn't need them. Industry was taking over. NH built a huge textile industry in Manchester. VT was most likely the Molasses trade spoken of. At that point there was nothing to be gained from the institution. My perspective at least.