Notes on Civil War Logistics: Facts & Stories


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Jul 7, 2015
A useful resources on weapons movements and logistics, this resource gives
information about everything from the weight of a full water canteen through to the size of rations.
Its downloadable in PDF format.

An example from the paper.
Office Chief Quartermaster Eleventh Army Corps
May 24, 1863
GENERAL: In answer to the inquiries in your telegram of the 23
instant, I beg leave to
make the following brief report:
The number of wagons which accompanied the marching column on the late march was,
from camp to Kelly‟s Ford, 58 wagons, part of which were loaded with the knapsacks of the First
Brigade, Second Division, then at Kelly‟s Ford.
The number of pack mules as above was 197, of which number 146 were loaded with
ammunition and 51 ridden by the pack-mule drivers.
Average weight to each wagon, 1,800 pounds; to each pack mule, 220 pounds.
Ten days‟ subsistence carried in all; 60 rounds of ammunition carried by the wagons, 20
rounds by the pack mules, and 60 rounds by the men.
Eight days‟ rations carried by the men; also extra clothing, one shirt, one pair of drawers,
one pair socks and one blanket. About one-half of the corps carried overcoats.
Average total weight carried by the men: Gun, 14 pounds; 60 rounds ammunition, 6
pounds; knapsack and haversack, with clothing and rations, 27 pounds; total, 47 pounds,
including blanket and overcoat.
Clothing, &c., thrown away: 1,824 caps, 3,602 trousers, 6,937 shirts, 2,638 blouses,
4,686 drawers, 2,560 wool blankets, 3,432 rubber blankets, 6,009 knapsacks, 3,242 haversack Campaign/Rodney Lackey Article_1.pdf
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