No pants so wearing blankets like kilts?

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Aug 25, 2012
The 11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment/ May’s Independent Infantry Regiment a.k.a. St. Jo Independent Regiment; was mustered into federal service on September 24 1861 in White Pigeon Michigan. They were originally formed as an independent regiment under the federal government. Colonel William L. Stoughton of White Pigeon was the first regimental commander.

It would appear that the federal government supplied the uniforms. The federal government contracted with a Philadelphia company to make the uniforms. This firm went out of business after completing only part of the uniforms. The uniforms were then temporally lost in Pittsburgh. The only trousers that arrived at that time were for the sergeants. “When the uniforms came on Saturday, October 19, it was discovered there were trousers only for the officers, and a reporter wrote “If no more trousers come, the regiment may very respectably uniformed a la highlander.” Fortunately the trousers arrived and the men did not have to depart Michigan wearing their blankets for kilts The War Department, Department of Detroit, contracted with Samuel Sykes & Company of Detroit to supply the remainder of the uniforms. This included 500 coats. These were unlike the state issue five-button jackets being issued to other Michigan infantry regiments at this time and apparently what Samuel Sykes & Company supplied were frock coats. The cloth for these frock coats reportedly came from New York. The cloth came from Skenneatlas New York (sic. must mean Skaneateles) where 200 persons were employed making 1,000 yards of material.
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