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Eric Wittenberg

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Jun 2, 2013
Columbus, OH
Care to give us a sneak peek @Eric Wittenberg?

Sure. The book addresses the period of May 27-June 1, 1864, and is the first monograph dedicated to the multiple cavalry engagements during that time: Hanovertown Ferry (May 27), Haw's Shop (May 28), Matadequin Creek (May 30), Hanover Court House (May 31), Cold Harbor (May 31), Ashland (June 1) and Cold Harbor again (June 1). This was some of the heaviest and most prolonged cavalry vs. cavalry fighting of the entire Civil War. It marked Wade Hampton's coming-out party as the commander of the ANV Cavalry Corps, and he acquitted himself well. It also marks the first appearance of Brig. Gen. Matthew C. Butler's fine brigade of mounted infantry that was the focus of the Confederate defense at Trevilian Station two weeks later.

The book features about 50 images, including a couple that have never before been published, and 25 excellent maps by Edward Alexander. Although this and my Trevilian Raid book were published 20 years apart, it covers the period before the Trevilian Raid in detail. There's a nice foreword by my friend and co-author Dave Powell.

Thanks for your interest.

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