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Mar 3, 2019
Western North Carolina
Not that I am aware, but his name is mentioned in Trotter's Bushwhackers in connection with a vengeance killing (but not in relation to the name Davis) in Madison Co. In the vengeance scenario, the Norton is mentioned as having Confederate nephews. I also have found references to a very young Norton who managed to escape the Shelton Laurel Massacre, which indicates a Union sympathizer.

I am excited to get the book you told me about a few days ago! Might help with hunting down some of these names! Would be interesting to see if there were any Nortons in the 2nd NC Mounted. All my Madison Co relatives who served in the Union army were in that unit. And all of them enlisted after deserting from the 64th, which was responsible for the Shelton Laurel Massacre.

Tentative googling indicates the Norton story in Trotter has a bunch of variations. Not sure if anyone actually knows anything, though. So, nothing conclusive, but it seems like Nortons were in the thick of things in Madison County!
I would suggest "Bushwhackers" by Trotter is a good read, but if anyone is looking for documented primary sources, Trotter's book is not the place. One example - chapter 12, the story of Granny Franklin's boys: He says they were confederates and killed by Kirk's command. The exact opposite is true. They were at times IN Kirk's units, and killed by confederates.

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