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Apr 1, 1999
the mountain state

**January 31 Update

Trivia is scheduled through March 1! We are getting low again!
to submit a trivia question:

To provide a Question:

send @ami a private conversation.

in the title please write: trivia question
in the body of the conversation please list in this format:



If you wish to send multiple questions, please use one conversation. Do not start 15 conversations. It clutters up my inbox and confuses me.

Do not be alarmed if you do not hear back from me. I typically do not respond to questions, unless a component is missing, such as the answer.

Do not ask me to check to make sure your question hasn't been asked before. If you are concerned you may look through old trivia questions, but I do not have time to do that. Chances are many questions have been asked a few times, in different ways, over the 18 years we have been running trivia.

thanks so much! Your questions are what is keeping trivia going!
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