National Register Adds 17 North Carolina Historic Places

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Mar 16, 2016
National Register Adds 17 North Carolina Historic Places
December 31, 2018

Eastern North Carolina Civil War Shipwreck, 1861-1865, Multiple Property Documentation Form, approved 7/16/2018

The vast “sound country” of tidewater eastern North Carolina was a Civil War theater of combined army and navy operations, interior fleet actions, innovative commando tactics, construction of defensive aquatic obstructions, and mine warfare. Shipwrecks eligible for inclusion under this cover document are significant for their association with naval offensive and defensive actions in the sounds and rivers of eastern North Carolina during the Civil War. Some, with preserved hull remains, are also significant as a record of mid-18th-century shipbuilding techniques. These shipwrecks have the potential to answer questions about daily crew life, provide information about combat destruction from naval tactics and weapons of the era, and enable studies of vessel preservation in differing depositional environments. Seven shipwrecks were listed under this theme: US Army Gunboat Picket (screw steamer), Washington vicinity, Beaufort County; Broad Creek Block Ships, Plymouth vicinity, Bertie County; C.S.S. Black Warrior (two-masted schooner), Elizabeth City vicinity, Camden County; Scuppernong (two-masted schooner), Shawboro vicinity, Camden County; C.S.S. Curlew (side-wheel steamer), Mann’s Harbor vicinity, Dare County; C.S.S. Col. Hill (side-wheel steamer), Tarboro vicinity, Edgecombe County; Chicod Creek Wreck, Grimesland vicinity, Pitt County. Nominations for four US Navy vessels have also been written and are under review. This cover document and the associated nominations were prepared by the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology (OSA) with assistance from the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office.

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