Restricted National Park Service: Are statues the right way to memorize Lincoln?

John Winn

Mar 13, 2014
State of Jefferson
Frankly, I do feel Lincoln has been deified but also think he was a great man. Like @Andersonh1 I am very leery of such a question by the Park Service.

As a Department of the Interior retiree I can tell you that federal agencies are very political and it wouldn't surprise me if there's pressure to get with the removal camp so as to help the current administration appeal to the far left. In my 30 years (in a different agency) I saw the teeter-tot go back and forth on a number of issues as administrations came and went. One would like to think that land management is a long-term thing and not overly affected by political motivations but, unfortunately, that's not really the case. I guess we'll see.

I hope that's not too political but those are my thoughts.
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Aug 28, 2020
Watch the setting up of the background to act with articles on the subject laying the groundwork. You will have sporadic statue topplings as we have already seen, but nothing large scale.

The next event (perhaps a difficult arrest situation that goes viral) which could be anytime in the next few years is when wide scale removal efforts with open institutional government support very well may transpire.

Lee metaphorically is no longer standing in the way of Grant and Lincoln.
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