National Cemetery (Memphis)

Jun 12, 2016
The marker had to receive approval from the National Cemetery Administration which also approved its location with the assistance of Shelby County Historical Commission. It was privately funded and the text received input from numerous people. It was sponsored by "WeAllBe Group Inc, USCT, Joe Williams, Descendants, other African Americans, and the Shelby County Historical Commission." The "USCT" and "other African Americans" were a lost battle in the text decision making process as they are vague. The marker was installed in June 2018. The photo is of Pvt. Peter Williams, 6th USCHA, who was a Fort Pillow survivor. It is currently the only known photo of USCTs at Fort Pillow.

Interesting- thank you for sharing.


Aug 8, 2021
It should be remembered that a great many of the victims of the Sultana disaster are buried here also, although they are marked as unknowns.

Their bodies were put in coffins on the riverbank in Memphis and whatever identification information available was written in chalk on the coffins.
A heavy rain came and washed all the chalk writing away.
They have a list of most of these soldiers but just not sure which grave they are in.