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Hi there,

I am doing a work at School about myths and legends of the civil war. I am not a native speaker so I don´t know how to call it but I have to write 8-12 pages about that topic and break them down to the truth. I have already looked for books and legends about the civil war but it is a little hard to find because it is not a popular topic in Germany. My teacher suggested things like how Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Adress or if he was really against slavery and I thought about if freeing the slaves was the real reason why the war began and about that cigarette McClellan found.
Also he wants me to use primary sources (from the 19th century) maybe you know good diary entries.
If you have any suggestions what else I could write about or where I might find something I would be very happy!
Greetings from Germany!

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Nov 10, 2011
Here's one: While one side of this has been discussed extensively on this site, this one hasn't. A very common myth is that every Union soldier fought to free the slaves. To me this is an oversimplification of history. Union = good guys = "Free the Slave!"; Confederate = bad guys = "Keep the slaves". Like I said, there has been a lot of discussion on what the confederate soldier fought for, but what the union soldier fought for isn't discussed as much. I think it's because people don't want to find out that the "good guys" views about the African American population wasn't all that different (on average) than his counterpart's. As far as source material goes, find diaries of Union soldiers discussing the Emancipation Proclamation and you will find that many weren't too pleased with it. Good Luck!

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