My "Locomotives Up the Turnpike" is Out


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Mar 6, 2010
Charlotte, NC
My book on Capt. Thomas R. Sharp, CSA railroad man is now ready for shipment.

Locomotives Up the Turnpike covers Sharp's Hauling 16 B&O RR locomotives from the Martinsburg/Harper's Ferry area up the Virginia Turnpike to Winchester, then to Strasburg and, via railroads, to Richmond. While Hauling, Sharp was ordered to repair the locomotives (and the 100 cars he had also taken) and manage their use on the Virginia and North Carolina railroads. To do this, he established and ran the Confederate Locomotive Shops in Raleigh, N. C. until they were closed in early 1863.

Sharp then moved to be Superintendent of the Charlotte & South Carolina RR -- a vital link in the supply chain to Richmond and Lee. Sharp eventually outgrew this job and became the Transportation Coordinator for western and central South Carolina. He assisted with the evacuation of Columbia ahead of Sherman and ended the war changing the gauge of the North Carolina RR between Charlotte and Salisbury.

This is the first meaningful look at Sharp's war career and is complete in 231 pages with 7 original maps, 6 color computer renderings of the Hauled locomotives, 27 photos, notes, bibliography and index.

The book is ready to ship direct from me (David Bright, 7599 Long Valley Dr, Harrisburg, NC 28075) at $25 postpaid or from Amazon.
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