Real or Faux? My father in law traded for this. Is it a reproduction?


Jul 26, 2020
Here's the kicker. We share an ebay account and I looked up repo swords. The next day he came over (he lives next door) and exclaimed that he saw the exact same.sword for 69.99. I just said, "Wow, granddad". What do ya do . 🤣
May 12, 2018
Thanks for the info. My father in law traded a Lionel train worth a lot more than this sword from a guy I told him was unethical. I've always been a civil war fan but have stuck to collecting books. Now I know just a tiny bit about swords... so much to learn. Thanks again.

Disappointing to hear that, I’m a Lionel guy myself. What did Lionel item he trade him for the sword?

I can see why he might be fooled, the wear looks rather authentic, but the shape of the grips gave it away to me. Sabres usually have slightly more curved and ergonomic grips, not the super cylindrical ones of reproductions. Just dosen't look comfortable to hold in the hand!