Research My Civil War Sources


Aug 15, 2017
I have several sources for units and organizations from individual states that I have assembled over the years and thought they might be of interest to other members.

Alabama Civil War Service Database

Alabama's Civil War Fighting Units

Brief Historical Sketches of Military Organizations Raised In Alabama During the Civil War

Company K, First Alabama Regiment, or Three years in the Confederate Service

The War Between the Union and the Confederacy and Its Lost Opportunities, with a History of the 15th Alabama Regiment and the Forty-Eight Battles in Which it Was Engaged
by William C. Oates

History of Company B (Originally Pickens Planters) 40th Alabama Regiment, Confederate States Army, 1862-1865 by

Memories of the War of Secession (47th​ Alabama Company C) by T. F. Botsford

---A History of the Sixtieth Alabama Regiment: Gracie’s Alabama Brigade

The Arkansas Militia in the Civil War

Arkansas Military Unit Member Information

Arkansas Confederate Regimental Histories: Infantry -

Civil War Arkansas

First in--last out : the Capitol Guards, Ark. Brigade (6th Arkansas Company A) by Major Calvin L. Collier.
I, too, have benefitted from the Alabama database mentioned above. I've also used Shaver's history of the 60th Alabama. I'd also mention two CDs of the Official Records that I have used. One is organized according to the name of the report writer and the other is the straight forward, page by page OR. The CDs have problems here and there but are easier to carry around than the 128 (or whatever) volumes of the OR.