Music from the 160th Anniversary of Ball's Bluff Event

Claude Bauer

First Sergeant
Forum Host
Jan 8, 2012
Over 250 spectators turned out for the 160th Anniversary of Ball's Bluff yesterday, including two groups each representing a different aspect of Civil War music. The Monocacy Field Music provided fife and drum tunes for the crowd throughout the day and also provided the soundtrack for the infantry skirmish. The 8th GM Regiment Band then held a fantastic hour-long concert playing Civil War songs on period instruments. Here's a video of each from the event:

8th GM Regiment Band
Old Dog Tray March from the Brass Band Journal, written by GWE Friederich. Based on Old Dog Tray by Stephen Foster. Written in the early 1850s

Monocacy Field Music
"We Are Coming, Father Abra'am" -- this is a fife and drum arrangement of a popular period tune that was written in response to the call by Abraham Lincoln for 300,000 volunteers to fight in the Civil War. A parody of the tune, titled "Song of the Conscripts," expressed resentment against the 1863 Enrollment Act and particularly its provision for escaping conscription by paying the $300 commutation fee, which only the rich could afford. It was distributed during the draft riots in New York in 1863.