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Multiple impressions with one uniform?

Discussion in 'Reenactors Forum' started by Mountain-Man, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Mountain-Man

    Mountain-Man Private

    Aug 23, 2012
    Is it possible to do an Army of Tennessee and Army of Northern Virginia impression with one Confederate uniform/gear/etc while still being authentic?

    Also is it possible to do an Army of the Patomac and an Army of the Tennessee with one Union uniform/gear/etc as well as being authentic?

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  3. johan_steele

    johan_steele Colonel Retired Moderator

    Feb 20, 2005
    South of the North 40
    I think the US AoT & AoP impression would be much easier, but one of Hookers men would be the easier way to go as they transfereed out of the AoP west. Forage cap, standard US leathers & either P53 or M1861 would work for 1863 on. AoT US was lower down in the supply chain and had a wider variation of appearance. An example would be 4th MN VI, they were never issued forage caps as far as I can find.

    For the ANV & CS AoT... you've got wider variations based on timeframe. The ANV generally got first pick on supplies & equipment where the CS AoT pretty much got the leavings. I would research specific units. There is a lot on the Orphans, 1st TN, 4th & 15th AL etc. I would suggest taking a look through Echoes of Glory & Troini's excellent Regimental studies.

    You might paruse the below link from this site, some decent impressions are shown and you might be able to get some ideas.
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  4. Republican Blues

    Republican Blues 2nd Lieutenant

    Oct 13, 2010
    on the Savannah Station..
    There were alot of differences in the Confederate Armies, drawing on different depots nd sources of clothing and Accoutrements, the ANV mostly drawing from the Richmond Depot, and the AoT drawing from Columbus, Atlanta, sometimes Mobile, or even Charleston. Then you had the problem of hte Trans-Mississippi drwing from theHouston depot and Little Rock Depot. Clothing attributed to each of these depots are all different in cut or style, with the more well known being the Columbus and Richmond. That said, I got two impressions out of my CS stuff..

    Army of Tennessee, 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters, Kennesaw Mtn

    1850's Merchant Sailor, living history demo, Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, Savannah, GA
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  5. M E Wolf

    M E Wolf Colonel Retired Moderator

    Feb 9, 2008
    See you have two "Cat o Nine Tails" with blood knots .......... (the whips folks)

    M. E. Wolf

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