Morrow County Sentinel (Ohio)Newspaper, July 30th, 1863 “A Slave Captures His Master”


Mar 30, 2020
The following article was printed in the Morrow County Sentinel (Ohio) Newspaper, July 30th, 1863. I have an original complete copy of this newspaper.

“A Slave Captures His Master”
The following incident described as taking place at the recent battle of Malliken’s Bend is significant of the results to slavery which this infamous rebellion is working out. - Who shall say they will not be just?
Among the incidents of the fight worthy of note, was the capture of a rebel soldier by a darky who was his slave three months ago. The Texan was caught in a tight place by Col. Leib’s men, who cried out to him, “Hold on dar, and put down your gun or I’ll shoot”. The rebel surrendered unconditionally, but after identifying his captor, said, he protested against being held as a prisoner by his own slave, “It’s good enough for you,”
Said an officer; “That’s just the man to guard you”. “And Jim,” said he to the soldier, “If he don’t behave himself, shoot him down”. The chivalrous Southerner was very indignant, and his wrath efferversced in a series of hard oaths, which upon the ears of the “intelligent contraband” without effort. The dusty warrior kept a close eye upon his prisoner, but refused to hold any conversation with him, or answer any of his questions as to when he enlisted, or how he dared to level a gun at his master."