More Ft. Bisland Battlefield Artifacts

Sep 10, 2014
New Iberia, Louisiana, on Bayou Teche
Today I found these artifacts on the Ft. Bisland battlefield in south Louisiana: 4 musket balls (including 3 distorted), a shell fragment, and a grapeshot ball.

A fellow metal detector suggested that the musket balls could have been packed inside a shell or canister. The one musket ball of the 4 that's not distorted measures .67 caliber, though I assume it was technically meant to be a .69 caliber ball.

Thinking the "grapeshot" ball might actually be a ball bearing for a tractor or some such machine, I measured it with calipers and found it to be 1.5 inches in diameter, and I see that both the 2-pdr. gun and 32-pdr. howitzer used canister with solid iron balls measuring 1.49 inches in diameter.

The shell fragment, as you can see, is curved, and measures .75 inches thick.

If I'm incorrect about any of this, please let me know. . . .
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