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Apr 1, 1999
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So, I would be happy to have some ideas about how to catalog the battlefield monuments & landmarks.

Right now, my best idea is to create a Battlefield Landmarks sub-forum in the Traveler's Companion forum. Then, I can create a prefix for each battlefield we are working on.

The profiles will be placed in threads, so this is where I need help.

Originally I was thinking to put one monument per thread, with discussion underneath.

This is ideal for search engines, but we aren't building for search engines, we are building for people, and having multiple hundreds of threads with no grouping might be hard to navigate and find the monument you are looking for.​
However single threads per monument is the best way to promote discussion about the monuments.....​
To help the Single Thread per Monument issue, we can create Monument Index Threads, that help to locate a specific monument.​

Or, we can group the monuments together somehow...

This can make it easier to find a monument, we can have a menu using the Threadmark system​

Example Thread: All the New Jersey Infantry Monuments​
Example Thread: All the New York Artillery​
New York and Pennsylvania will be an issue for Infantry just because of sheer number of monuments, so we may need to have multiple threads in this format... like:​
Example Thread: 50th to 100th New York Infantry Units (or something similar)​
Or we could put all the 3rd Corps Monuments in one thread, perhaps group them by infantry, artillery and so on.​