VA Monument from Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery

Dec 12, 2020
This was a very well kept cemetery with the monuments divided by state.


Florida Rebel

May 31, 2019
Wonderful info and pictures. Thanks for all of them! I only wish we could turn the clock back - say to 1990, unlike today's era and show proper respect to the men and women of an earlier era who gave their lives up for a cause. Many people keep saying their cause was wrong, that the South was a region of traitors. OK, I agree. Just like the citizens of the 13 colonies were traitors too?
Dec 12, 2020
Here is a link to their website. There is another link to the historical society. I'll try giving them a call this week and see if they know what it says. Next trip I'll take better photos. Maybe someone on this site lives in the area and could take some.
Here is some information about the Spotsylvania Cemetery. I sent the NPS an email about the inscription. Unfortunately I was not able to visit the Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery. That will be a stop the next time I visit there. I loved that area.
Jul 19, 2016
Spotsylvania Virginia
Thank you. I would love to see more photos if you can.
VA Dave I live about 3 miles away. Will make a point to take a few photos for you. In fact, I may already have some on file but will need to dig ‘em out.
The Spotsylvania Historical Association places state flags on all the graves during Memorial Day weekend. ( Shhhh! They still put the battle flag on all unknowns and in front of each state marker on Memorial Day too).
There is quite an interesting history behind the forming of the cemetery that I will post in the future.


Jun 6, 2021
Here's what is written on the memorial:

Erected and Dedicated
May 12, 1918
By The Spotsylvania Chapter
United Daughters of
The Confederacy,
Confederated Southern
Memorial Association and
Citizens of Spotsylvania County
To Commemorate And
Perpetuate the Valor and
Patriotism of the Sons
of Spotsylvania County,
Virginia, and Other
Confederate Soldiers Who
Repose in This Cemetery.

1861 1865

Confederate Soldiers​
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Dec 12, 2020
Kathy, did you see any vandalism of Confederate graves or markers at Hollywood? I hope not but we know how all the monuments in Richmond have been treated recently. How about the ground; was the grass cut and was everything neat and tidy? I hope it was.
No, everything was well kept. It was close to Memorial Day, there were flags on the Confederate graves near the pyramid. The staff was out working with their mowers. I took a tour and I don't know which graves were vandalized. We barely had time to cover what I wanted to see. A tip to anyone taking the electric car tour at Hollywood. Know what you want to see or otherwise you will get the canned tour.

Florida Rebel

May 31, 2019
I always enjoyed visiting Hollywood Cemetery, especially to pay my respects to Jeb Stuart. President Jefferson Davis is there too.... But ever since Richmond turned it's back on it's Confederate heritage (do we remember those beautiful statues on Monument Ave?) and got rid of the Museum of the Confederacy, it'll be a cold day in hell when I return or drive thru that town again. It's sad, so sad to see what has happened.