Modern Politics, Religion, and Trolls


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Modern Politics Rules:
Please do not post anything about modern politics or modern current political/governmental/world events except for those related to the civil war such as discussions about monuments, statues, parks or landmarks etc associated with the American Civil War.

Modern current events that affect CivilWarTalk members such as weather, family and personal events/achievements are OK, but should be posted in the Campfire Chat - General Discussions.

Non political current events are OK, but should be posted in the Campfire Chat - General Discussions.

CWT should be a refuge where one can discuss the Civil War and the history of that era WITHOUT the cloud of current culture and politics looming over you. To that end, current cultural and political events will continue to be off limits.

Modern partisan politics includes rants about liberals, leftists, rightist, conservatives, current culture and current politics . Discussions about Left v Right; Modern Republican, Modern Democrat, Racist etc ideology modern political figures and so on. If a poster posts about political events/issues that did not happen in antebellum, the American Civil War or the reconstruction eras, the burden of proof is on the poster to show those political event have a direct relationship to the American Civil War or monuments, statues, parks or landmarks etc associated with the American Civil War and discuss their historical significance.
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Prayer requests and prayers that affect CivilWarTalk members are OK, but must avoid getting into religion or theology and should be posted in the Campfire Chat - General Discussions.

The official rule from Rules & Proper Etiquette of the American Civil War Forum is

POLITICS & RELIGION - Any discussion that relates to either Politics or Religion, and does not directly relate to the topic of the American Civil War, is forbidden. Please take any such discussions to a more appropriate website. Common modern topics such as preservation, battlefields, monuments, & period politics and religion are allowed in appropriate forums. (Added 5/2013)
Discussions about the status, new laws, controversies etc of American Civil War monuments, battlefields, statues, parks etc are to be put in the Battlefield Preservation | American Civil War Forum

Discussions about modern American Civil War related organizations such as the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sons of Confederate Veterans, their Union counterparts etc should be put in Campfire Chat - General Discussions

One of the ironies of this forum is that trolling in and of itself is not a direct violation of the rules, but calling another poster a troll can be.

First be polite and decline to call another poster a troll on thread. Remember your friendly neighborhood moderator is available to file a report to or PM a complaint. The odds are good that the moderators have already noticed the nascent troll before anyone else, have alerted the site staff in the moderator threads and are considering options including counseling with the alleged troll. Moderators cannot ban trolls, that is the domain of the site owner. The banning process is a long process with multiple warnings and appeals.

What can be done in the short term by the average poster? First.

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If a poster feels another poster is a troll please do not respond to them and do not call them a troll on thread. If you know they are a troll, you should know not to respond to them and not to call them a troll in the treads. However a Don't Feed the Troll post without reference to a specific poster is safe

In short, don't respond to trolls. Ignore them. Report the post as trolling and/or PM a moderator.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Thread Disruption
When someone disrupts a thread please do 2 things.

1. Don't reply.

2. Report it.

Anyone that watches CSI or any Police Drama knows that anyone that tracks up the crime scene causes lots of trouble.

Moderators can delete/move disruptive posts.
Moderators can ban a poster from replying to thread after warning.

Remedial actions are hard to perform with a bunch of posts quoting the disruptive person and posters tracking all over the evidence. Remedial actions take time and effort. Moderators have to document their actions. Closing a thread is much simpler than salvaging one with lots of messy posts.

Personally I like salvaging threads, but I cannot with there are a lot bickering posts from posters that know/suspect they are bickering with a troll.

If you feel that a thread is worth continuing. please remember those divine words of wisdom from the ancient internet sages.

For goodness sakes, don't feed the [email protected]#$%^&*!!! trolls.

It is hard to ignore trolls, but it is enlightened.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Just a reminder from those of us who have been around a while....

We have literally THOUSANDS of posts on every conceivable Civil War topic. We certainly don't want to dampen enthusiasm, but please consider using the search (with key words as your terms) to see what's already been posted. We've noticed a plethora of new threads with almost the word for word titles as some that already exist.

You have a couple of neat options. If you think your question is similar, just bump the original thread and ask your own question (bump, BTW, means to post something new so an old thread comes to the top--think of it as "refreshing").

If you think your thread is considerably different from the original, reference a similar post in your opening post--that gives folks a chance to not "reinvent the wheel" so to speak.

And please do take advantage of the years of excellent information already available! Now--get out there and get with it...and have fun!