CS Con -Mitchel, Charles Burton - C.S. Senator, AR

Charles Burton Mitchel:
Born: September 19, 1815
Birthplace: Gallatin Tennessee
Father: John Mitchel 1775 – 1850
Mother: Jemima Minge Burton

1st​ Wife: Mariah Gray 1812 –

2nd​ Wife: Margaret Davis 1830 – 1879

Charles Elmore Mitchel 1846 – 1910
Jane Jinnie Mimms Mitchel 1856 – 1870
(Buried: Old Washington Cemetery Washington Arkansas)

Political Party: Democratic Party


1833: Graduated from University of Nashville
1836: Graduated from Jefferson Medical College

Occupation before War:
Medical for twenty – five years in Washington Arkansas
1848: Arkansas State Representative
1853 – 1856: Receiver of Public Moneys in Arkansas
1860: Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Congress

Civil War Career:
1861: United States Senator from Arkansas
1861: Expelled from United States Senate on resolution on July 11th​
1862 – 1864: Confederate States Senator from Arkansas
1862 – 1864: Chairman of Senate Accounts Committee
1862: Member of Senate Engrossment and Enrollment Committee
1862 – 1864: Member of Senate Post Offices and Post Roads
1862 – 1863: Member of Congress Joint Engrossment and Enrollment
He allowed others to hammer out the major pieces of legislation
He gave almost all his attention to the needs of his region
He wanted congress to increase the number of gunboats on western waters
He wanted to place guards along the Mississippi to preserve communications
He wanted to the see the Trans – Mississippi Department was properly financed and protected.
He supported the Davis administration war efforts

September 20, 1864
Place of Death: Little Rock Arkansas
Age at time of Death: 49 years old
Burial Place: Old Washington Cemetery Washington Arkansas