Mississippi Secession and President William T.S. Barry


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Apr 11, 2016
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AN ORDINANCE to dissolve the union between the State of Mississippi and other States united with her under the compact entitled "The Constitution of the United States of America."

The people of the State of Mississippi, in convention assembled, do ordain and declare, and it is hereby ordained and declared, as follows, to wit:

Section 1. That all the laws and ordinances by which the said State of Mississippi became a member of the Federal Union of the United States of America be, and the same are hereby, repealed, and that all obligations on the part of the said State or the people thereof to observe the same be withdrawn, and that the said State doth hereby resume all the rights, functions, and powers which by any of said laws or ordinances were conveyed to the Government of the said United States, and is absolved from all the obligations, restraints, and duties incurred to the said Federal Union, and shall from henceforth be a free, sovereign, and independent State.

Sec. 2. That so much of the first section of the seventh article of the constitution of this State as requires members of the Legislature and all officers, executive and judicial, to take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States be, and the same is hereby, abrogated and annulled.

Sec. 3. That all rights acquired and vested under the Constitution of the United States, or under any act of Congress passed, or treaty made, in pursuance thereof, or under any law of this State, and not incompatible with this ordinance, shall remain in force and have the same effect as if this ordinance had not been passed.

Sec. 4. That the people of the State of Mississippi hereby consent to form a federal union with such of the States as may have seceded or may secede from the Union of the United States of America, upon the basis of the present Constitution of the said United States, except such parts thereof as embrace other portions than such seceding States.

Thus ordained and declared in convention the 9th day of January, in the year of our Lord 1861.

William Taylor Sullivan Barry:

Born: December 10, 1821

Birthplace: Columbus Mississippi

Father: Richard Barry 1788 – 1869

(Buried: Friendship Cemetery Columbus Mississippi)

Mother: Mary Fearn Barry 1795 – 1863

(Buried: Friendship Cemetery Columbus Mississippi)

Wife: Sarah Fearn Barry 1824 – 1895

(Buried: Friendship Cemetery Columbus Mississippi)


1841: Graduated from Yale College

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Columbus Mississippi

1849 – 1851: Mississippi State Representative

1853 – 1855: United States Representative from Mississippi

1860: Delegate to Democratic Party National Convention

Civil War Career:

1861: President of Mississippi State Secession Convention

1861 – 1862: Mississippi Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress

1862 – 1865: Colonel of 35th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

1862: Participated in the Battle of Corinth Mississippi

1863: Captured and Paroled at Vicksburg Mississippi

1864: Wounded in Shoulder during the Battle of Altoona Georgia

1865: Captured in the attack of Fort Blakely

1865: Prisoner of War held in New Orleans Louisiana

1865: Exchanged in the Prisoner of War Exchange on May 1, 1865

Occupation after War:

Attorney in Columbus Mississippi

Urged former Slaves to vote for the Democratic Party

Died: January 29, 1868

Place of Death: Columbus Mississippi

Age at time of Death: 46 years old

Cause of Death: Effects of his shoulder wound

Burial Place: Friendship Cemetery Columbus Mississippi