Mississippi Hills awards nearly $180,000 in grants


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Mar 16, 2016
Mississippi Hills awards nearly $180,000 in grants
Daily Journal
Mar 19, 2019

The Mississippi Hills Heritage Area Alliance announced its fiscal year 2019 community grant winners at the DeSoto County Visitors office in Southaven on Tuesday. A total of 21 grants worth nearly $180,000 were awarded, impacting 10 counties within the 30-county Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area.

“We are very excited to have another successful grant round and we look forward to working with each of these organizations,” said Mary Cates Williams, executive director of the MHHAA.

• Corinth: Rehabilitation of Trailhead Park in Downtown Corinth. This grant will provide funds to refurbish Trailhead Park, restoring a neat, clean and inviting appearance and replacing waysides and directional signage. The completed project will emphasize the role of the two vital railroads that crossed here, the Civil War battles fought in Corinth and Corinth’s new “60 sights in 60 minutes” walking tour, as well as an orientation to nearby attractions. Amount: $6,350

• Oxford: Meditations on the Landscape in Art and Literature Exhibition and Symposium. This grant will provide funding to the University of Mississippi Museum and Historic Houses to assist with a poetry reading; a symposium of artists, authors and scholars; and programs and demonstrations in conjunction with the exhibition Meditations on the Landscape in Art and Literature from March 25-July 27, 2019. Mississippi artist William Dunlap’s painting/construction, the centerpiece of the exhibition, presents a complicated landscape referencing the displacement and genocide of Native Americans, the enslavement of Africans, the Civil War, and William Faulkner’s fiction set in fictional Yoknapatawpha County, based on his home in the heart of the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area. Dunlap is also curator of the landscape exhibition of works by 20 painters and 10 photographers. Amount: $19,000

• Baldwyn: “They Served Here” Exhibit & Educational Outreach. This grant will help the Mississippi’s Final Stands Interpretive Center create an in-house exhibit entitled, “They Served Here” with educational outreach and programs that will enrich the public’s knowledge about soldiers and the home front in the 1860s. Amount: $10,050

Full article can be found here - https://www.djournal.com/news/busin...cle_aad94a80-a133-557a-9224-f405b3f16e1d.html


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