Uniforms Minnesota militia uniforms at the start of the Civil War?

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Aug 25, 2012
Not much information seems to be available about Minnesota militia uniforms at the start of the Civil War. It does not appear the Frederick P. Todd in his classic American Military Equipage 1851-1872 had much information about pre War Minnesota militia uniforms and did not give much information on what if any militia companies wore for uniforms when they joined Minnesota regiments forming for the Civil War. I was wondering if any forum members had information they are willing to share?

I will give one example. the St. Paul Minnesota Pioneer Guards in 1856 adopted a A blue single-breasted dress coat with three rows of gilt buttons and binding of orange-colored cord; sky-blue trousers with broad orange stripes down the legs; and a hat of army pattern with an orange pompon for privates and an orange plume for officers. The also wore white trousers for some occasions. It is possible that the company was still wearing these uniforms and a few of the militiamen wore these until Minnesota issued them new uniforms.

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