US -Miller, Samuel Freeman - U.S. Associate Justice, IA

Samuel Freeman Miller:
Born: April 5, 1816
Samuel Freeman Miller.jpg

Richmond Kentucky
Father: Frederick Mueler Miller 1780 – 1848
Martha “Patsy” Freeman 1790 – 1873
1st​ Wife: Lucy Love Ballinger 1827 – 1851
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery Keokuk Iowa)
Married: November 8, 1842 in Kentucky
2nd​ Wife: Eliza Winter 1827 – 1900
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery Keokuk Iowa)
Married: February 12, 1857 in Lee County Iowa

Olivia Ballinger Miller Corkhill 1844 – 1873
(Buried: Forest Home Cemetery Mount Pleasant Iowa)
Lida Miller Touzalin 1858 – 1942
(Buried: Mount Hope Cemetery Southern Pines North Carolina)

Political Party:
Before – 1854: Member of Whig Political Party
1854 – 1890: Member of Republican Political Party


1838: Graduated from Transylvania University Medical School

Occupation before War:
1838 – 1847: Medical Doctor in Barbourville Kentucky
1847 – 1850: Attorney in Barbourville Kentucky
1850 – 1862: Attorney in Keokuk Iowa
1860: Supporter of Abraham Lincoln Presidential Campaign.

Civil War Career:
1850 – 1862: Attorney in Keokuk Iowa
1862: Confirmed half an hour after notice of nomination received by U.S. Senate.
1862 – 1890: Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court
1862 – 1865: Upheld the Suspension of habaus Corpus
1862 – 1865: Supporter of trials by military commission

Occupation after War:
President of Unitarians National Council.
1862 – 1890: Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court
He Wrote the opinion in the Slaughterhouse Cases.
1871: Had a notable opinion in case of Watson v. Jones
1873: Wrote the majority opinion in Bradwell v. Illinois
1874: Had a notable opinion in case of Murdock v. Memphis
1876: Served on the electoral Commission that award disputed electoral votes in the Presidential election.
1876: joined majority opinion in United States v. Cruikshank
1884: in Ex – Parte Yarbrough, Miller held that the federal government had broad authority to act to protect black voters from violence by the Ku Klux Klan and other private groups.
Supporter of use of federal board power under Commerce Clause to override regulations.
1886: Had notable opinion case of United States v. Kagama
Associate Justice Miller wrote 616 opinions in 28 years on the Court.
1889 – 1890: delivered lectures at National University School of Law.
1890: Notable opinion in re Neagle

Died: October 13, 1890
Place of Death: Washington D.C.
Age at time of Death: 74 years old
Burial Place: Oakland Cemetery Keokuk Iowa