CS Con -Miller, Samuel Augustine - C.S. Congressman, VA

Samuel Augustine Miller:

Born: October 16, 1819
Birthplace: Shenandoah County Virginia
Reuben C. Miller 1797 – 1852
Mother: Atlantic Ocean Walton 1798 – 1869

Wife: Helen M. Quauire 1826 – 1901


Joseph Miller 1850 – 1860
Alexander Q. Miller 1851 –
Florence W. Miller 1854 –
Samuel A. Miller Jr. 1858 –

Political Party: Democratic Party

1835 – 1839: Attended Gettysburg College
Studied law under Judge Summers in Kanawha

Occupation before War:
Assistant to the local "cattle king" Beale Steenberger
Attorney and law partner of Judge Summers in Kanawha
Known to have been a leading secessionist in Kanawha

Civil War Career:
Major in Commissary Department for 22nd​ Virginia Infantry Regiment
1863: Won special election to Confederate house after Jenkins resign.
1863 – 1865: Confederate States Congressman from South Carolina
1863 – 1864: Member House Territories and Public Lands Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Elections Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Indian Affairs Committee
When he reached Richmond, his entire district was in enemy hands.
His own experience steered him to problems of army maintenance and supply.
1864 – 1865: Chairman of Special Committee on army pay and clothing
He supported a wide variety of laws giving government control over the economy and even over personal rights.
He tended to withhold discretionary powers from the President.
He joined those seeking to reform the Davis cabinet.
He voted to let Robert E. Lee as general – in – chief encroach on the President's authority as commander – in – chief.

Occupation after War:
Found his house stripped bare in Kanawha Virginia.
1865: Fled to Canada after the assassination of President Lincoln.
1865: returned to the United States and received a Pardon.
He was disbarred by an act of West Virginia
1870: Not permitted to practice law until "Flick Amendment" passed.
1870 – 1890: Attorney in Parkersburg West Virginia
Member of West Virginia State House of Delegates

November 19, 1890
Place of Death: Parkersburg West Virginia
Age at time of Death: 71 years old
Burial Place: Spring Hill Cemetery Charleston West Virginia
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South Texas
That's seat he filled in the C.S. Congress was that of Albert G. Jenkins who resigned to raise a unit of mounted partisan rangers. That unit became part of the 8th Virginia Cavalry with Jenkins as it's Colonel.Jenkins was later promoted to Brigadier on August 1, 1862.