Mike, Dog of Patrick Callaghan, 1st Vermont Cavalry


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Aug 8, 2011
Gettysburg area

"A scene on the roadside near Summer Camp" by Edwin Forbes (Library of Congress)

Joe Gannon of “The Wild Geese” Irish heritage website tells the story of Patrick Callaghan, blacksmith of the 1st​ Vermont Cavalry, and his devoted terrier Mike. The illustration above is the result of what Joe Gannon says was a chance encounter between artist Edwin Forbes and Callaghan’s blacksmith forge. What a lucky meeting, since it helped to preserve Mike’s story!

“A Dog’s Tale: Pat and Mike Go To War”


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Aug 6, 2016
Here’s what is posted on" Vermont in the Civil War" a small paragraph on Mike:

“During the Civil War, Patrick had a pet dog, "Mike." "Mike" sat on the seat of a Union ammunition wagon, when the "Rebs" shot the horses. "Mike" sustained a shattered front leg, but survived and made many other trips between the two lines of soldiers. He survived the war, and came hobbling home to West Rutland and lived out his life as a hero.”

I love stories of our 4-legged warriors.