CWT Presents Michael C. Hardy - North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg

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Mar 15, 2013
CivilWarTalk Presents:
Michael C. Hardy
author of
North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg
Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at 830pm EST

In A Live Video Presentation

Michael C. Hardy is North Carolina's 2010 Historian of the Year and winner of the 2018 Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. Literary Prize. All totaled, Mr. Hardy has written 22 books, including a number of regimental histories and, most recently, a history of the Branch-Lane brigade. North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg, published in 2011, is the first comprehensive history of commemorative activities related to those North Carolina regiments that participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. In this deeply researched work, Hardy shares images ―photographs of veterans and reunions, monuments, and tombstones― that demonstrate the many ways that the old Confederate soldiers are commemorated across the Old North State. Join us, for what is sure to be an engaging presentation.

Seating is limited! You don't need to be a CivilWarTalk member to attend the presentation.

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Excellent point! Shiloh was a bloodbath resulting from insistance on Napoleonanic tactics by Bragg, Grant and others. Reading the Official Reports from Shiloh, Volume X, there is only 1 report which mentions using earthworks as a protection on Sunday night*. There are other reports mentioning using cotton bales, brush and other forms of concealment not cover. Cover disguies and stops bullets whereas concealment just hides one from the enemy.

*Official Records of the Rebellion
Series 1, Volume X, Part 1
Page 147


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Mar 15, 2013
Our guest this week is @Michael C. Hardy on North Carolina regiments and memorials. Michael is a well respected historian and a very engaging speaker. Seating is limited so don't miss it! Use the link in the OP to register now.

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Oct 28, 2020
Our guest this week is @Michael C. Hardy on North Carolina regiments and memorials. Michael is a well respected historian and a very engaging speaker. Seating is limited so don't miss it! Use the link in the OP to register now.
I will not be able to attend this presentation. Sadly, a good friend passed unexpectedly so I will be attending his wake tomorrow and his funeral Thursday morning. I will be back next week.

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I'm registered and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy this presentation if my three year old granddaughter who me and the wife are baby sitting tonight will cooperate. She is an attentiion getter and she knows it!


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Chat Log:​

00:30:59 15th ALA: Roll Tide!

00:31:28 Nils Skudra: Sergeant H.C. Wall of the 23rd North Carolina Infantry wrote of the Gettysburg Campaign, “Many German-descended members of our regiment ... were in this region amid, or not far from, their kin. From here their ancestors had emigrated to North Carolina about one hundred years before. But I doubt if many of them thought of it at that time. Little did the families at the separation imagine that the descendants of the emigrants should in a generation or two return as invaders to the old home...." Have you come across any testimonies of North Carolina soldiers having personal encounters with their Pennsylvania kin during the Gettysburg Campaign?

00:32:16 Jeff Giambrone: Good Evening!

00:32:52 Shane Reich: good evening Michael

00:33:10 David Elmore: Do you an opinion about Pickett or Pettigrew by Captain Bond? I found it a most interesting read and thought provoking

00:34:47 Alex Snow: If Union troops did withdraw from coastal defenses, was Gov. Vance and Dept of NC D.H. Hill justified in not giving back ANV troops to Lee?

00:37:30 James Farmer Jr.: I had two direct ancestors at Gettysburg. One was a Virginian who served in the 18th Virginia Infantry as a 1st Lt. and acting company commander and the other was a North Carolinian who was with the 43rd NC Infantry. I imagine their opinions and perspectives about were quite different

00:38:20 @lelliott19 : I enjoyed it very much

00:47:46 Nils Skudra: Solomon Meredith, commander of the Union Iron Brigade, was a native of Guilford County, North Carolina, and John Gibbon had spent much of his formative years in Mecklenburg County and had brothers and cousins on the Confederate side. Have you come across any other North Carolinians who served in the Union Army at Gettysburg?

00:50:37 Scott Johnson: Has Tom Elmore been your guest speaker in the past?

00:50:53 @lelliott19 : Not yet. We are hopeful

00:51:51 Scott Johnson: He seems well versed with Sherman's trek through SC.

00:57:29 Nils Skudra: Will a recording of this talk be available? If so, where can I access it?

00:58:37 @lelliott19 : Yes we recording the program. There's usually a month or so delay between the live and when it is posted at CivilWarTalk

01:02:32 Joseph Sowers: I am currently working on my MA in Military History with a concentration in the Civil War. Why were the N.C Regiments from Pettigrew's Brigade not brought into immediate action from Herr's Ridge on the first day?

01:05:29 Joseph Sowers: Still waiting on my membership to be approved for CWT. :smile:

01:05:54 Larry De Maar: Do you know why Adams County Historical Society is building their new museum on the Union line on the first day at Gettysburg? It seems the opposite of battlefield preservation.

01:07:56 @CivilWarTalk : an email sent in: NC troops in regards to Gettysburg: If Union troops withdrew from coastal defenses bc (maybe) of Lee's move north, was Gov. Vance and D.H. Hill really justified in not giving back detached ANV troops? Was this really just an overall issue for the South bc of the die by states rights over central government mind set as a whole. Sincerely, Alex Snow

01:08:50 @CivilWarTalk : another email: 1. The NC monument at Gettysburg is an artistic masterpiece. If the National Park Service - by law- is directed to remove it and others memorializing the Confederate soldier at Gettysburg, do you feel interest in the Civil War will decline? And therefore tourism? 2. As an expert on the Branch-Lane Brigade, what is your assessment of Gen. James Lane? I live in Alabama and because of his very strong post war connection to the state I am interested in your opinion of him. Norman Dasinger

01:14:35 Nate Bickel: WAR EAGLE

01:17:24 @lelliott19 : Thanks Mike. I think we got two of those and we will get to the 3rd Q that was submitted shortly

01:21:32 Jeff Giambrone: Approximately how many North Carolinians fought at Gettysburg?

01:21:34 Robert Gang: Who are your favorite NC authors who wrote autobiographies?

01:25:56 Kevin Best: My GGG-Mother-in-law was in Chambersburg during the Battle and her husband was at Gettysburg. In her diary she wrote with disdain about the passing southern troops. Of course they were more well behaved that Gen. William T. Sherman's troops that made Georgia howl a year later. Any stories on any brutality or plundering against civilians in Maryland and S. Pennsylvania during the Campaign?

01:28:26 A. Roy Bredenberg: Of the North Carolinians at Gettysburg, I've read most about Iverson's Brigade. It seems like the NC soldiers in those regiments complained about having a non-North Carolinian in command. It also seems like Gov Vance might have complained about NCians not getting promoted. Was this a legitimate complaint? Was there a good reason why we poor North Carolina boys got sidelined? And do you see a kind of aggrieved attitude when you examine the documentation?

01:31:29 Nate Bickel: Being a USMC vet and fanatic, have you researched any on the USMC and/or CSMC and their participation in war around Fort Fisher/Wilmington?

01:31:48 Nate Bickel: Or anywhere else for that matter in NC.

01:32:31 Nate Bickel: Sorry if not Gettysburg related*

01:33:11 Joseph Sowers: In regard to Cavalry, were the N.C. Regiments in action as dismounted Infantry during the first two days, or was their primary action only seen on Cress Ridge?

01:38:16 Sue Anne Boothe: Always good to hear Michael Hardy talk! I am looking forward to the new one!

01:38:58 Alex Snow: Fantastic presentation! Be safe and have a good evening y'all!

01:39:35 Joseph Sowers: Thank you for the information that you have provided.

01:40:27 Kevin Best: Hardy looks like a Conf. General.

01:41:26 Darin Wipperman: No problem