CS Con -McRae, Colin John - C.S. Delegate / Financial Agent, AL

Colin John McRae:
Born: October 22, 1812

Birthplace: Sneedsboro (McFarlan) North Carolina
Father: John J. McRae 1778 – 1835
(Buried: McRae Family Cemetery Jackson County Mississippi)
Mother: Elizabeth Mary McRae 1792 – 1867
(Buried: McRae Family Cemetery Jackson County Mississippi)

Wife: None

CS Congressman John Jones McRae 1815 – 1868
(Buried: Lord Ridge Cemetery Belize City Belize)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Attended small Jesuit college in Biloxi Mississippi

Occupation before War:
Expanded his father's mercantile business
One of the founders of Mississippi City
1838: Mississippi State Representative
Commercial Businessman in Mobile Alabama
Commission Businessman in Mobile Alabama
Railroad Promoter and land speculator

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Alabama Delegate Confederate Provisional Congress
He was concerned about the defense of Mobile
He opposed most efforts to expand Confederate authority over Alabama's local troops.
He supported a moderate program
His major contribution to legislation was to introduce a bill proposing a volunteer navy of privately owned vessels to engage in privateering this would not be approved to a year later.
1862: Choose not to seek election to regular Confederate Congress.
Turned his attention to establishing an arsenal in Selma Alabama for the manufacture of munitions.
1863: Became Confederate States Financial agent in Europe
Entered into the Erlanger Cotton loan
Attempted without great success to coordinate Confederate finance abroad
He was involved with Secretary Benjamin in a scheme to recruit Polish exiles.
Sued for nonexistent Confederates balances and was acquitted

Occupation after War:
Former President Jefferson Davis tried to dissuade him from going to Central America Davis recommended New Zealand.
1867: Moved to Puerto de Caballos British Honduras
Planter Owner and Mercantile Businessman in Puerto de Caballos
Half Owner of mahogany business along Saturday Creek
Owner of eighteen square miles of land

February 1877
Place of Death: Belize City Belize
Age at time of Death: 64 years old
Burial Place: Lord Ridge Cemetery Belize City Belize