Period May 13-National Apple Pie Day!

Albert Sailhorst

1st Lieutenant
Jul 12, 2007
Aledo, IL
Apple Pie
From “Housekeeping In Old Virginia”, By Marion Cabell Tyree, 1877

Pare and slice the apples. Make a little thick syrup of white sugar,
into which throw a few cloves, allspice, or mace, as you prefer. In
this syrup, scald a few apples at a time, taking them out and putting
more in till all are slightly cooked. Set aside to cool, then pour
into deep pie plates lined with paste. Dredge with flour. Put bits of
butter over all. Dredge again. Cover with paste and bake. A glass of
brandy or wine will improve it.

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christian soldier

2nd Lieutenant
Member of the Month
Mar 18, 2015
Nothing says or better yet screams "AMERICA " than a great fresh baked apple pie. Albert, do you prefer a lattice top or just a plain top? My grandmother made an award winning apple pie that could never be beat. David.

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