Mary Tyler Moore's G. Grandfather Lewis T. Moore commanded the 4th VA Inf. under Jackson.

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Dec 3, 2011
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Amazing! It makes me wonder how many other celebrities have ancestors who were connected to the CW.

I was in Smithfield, NC a few years ago visiting an old navy friend and among the places we visited was the Ava Gardner museum. Among all the dresses and other things connected with her career was information about her early life and local background and an article about a great grandfather who served in a local Confederate company raised in the county [Johnston]. Unfortunately neither of us had anything to write with and I can’t remember his name and unit,


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Oct 26, 2012
In honor of her father, George Tyler Moore, a lifelong American Civil War enthusiast, in 1995 Moore donated funds to acquire a historic structure in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, for Shepherd College (now Shepherd University) to be used as a center for Civil War studies. The center, named the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War is housed in the historic Conrad Shindler House (c. 1795), which is named in honor of her great-great-great-grandfather, who owned the structure from 1815–52.[47] Moore also contributed to the renovation of the house used as headquarters during 1861–1862 by Confederate Major General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. Use of the house had been offered to Jackson by its owner, Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Tilghman Moore, commander of the 4th Virginia Infantry and a great-grandfather of Mary Tyler Moore.[6][48]

Moore supports embryonic stem cell research. When President George W. Bush announced that he would veto the Senate's bill supporting the research, she said, "This is an intelligent human being with a heart, and I don't see how much longer he can deny those aspects of himself."[49]

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She really was wonderful! Some actresses give you a very good idea how much of themselves they're offering as part of their characters. Really funny and graceful, as Laura and Mary, you never got tired of having her in your home. A lot has been made about how ground breaking a role she played, in her show- but she never battered away at it. She just did it.