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Mary Randolph Randolph's famous " The Virginia Housewife " cookbook was and is a standby for Southern cooks or anyone interested in Southern cooking. But she wasn't a housewife- as close to royalty as we get on this side of the pond, Mary Randolph Randolph ran her own boarding house, turned a huge talent for cooking into a lucrative cookbook and kept her family afloat.

Read a critic say where her recipe are plain and uninspired and am baffled! This soup for instance could be served anywhere, with a crazy price tag.

virg hw asp sp.JPG

With apologies and thanks to @donna , thread on Mary Randolph Randolf and her cookbook here, thought I'd add some history and recipes.

A little more on Mary Randolph Randolph, born today in 1762. Daughter of Thomas, she married a cousin, David. Family is a who is who and where of founding ' us's ', a brother marrying Thomas Jefferson's daughter Custis and Lee's pretty much floating in and out of the gene pool. There's a story involving a planned enslaved insurrection where the single white person to be spared was Mary, so she must have been awfully interesting. Her famous cookbook was the result of a. Her reputation as a cook and b. Her husband falling on hard times- the'd opened a boarding house at one point, a shocking occupation for anyone with claims to what was then an elite social status.

Mary rolled up her sleeves, somehow had property placed in her name and got on with things. You really, really should get this book- I've seen haute cuisine run to catch up. You'll see.

mary rr pudding.JPG

Puff pastry? Try it! Think I will do this one for Christmas this year, thank you Mary Randolph Randolph

This is a kind of quiche sans pastry, sounds like with more flavor and a lot of genius. I'd bake it, not make an omelette, seems a waste.
mary quiche.JPG

A wonderful, tomato only salsa- we can buy a bushel for $5 this time of year. Mary just gave us a winter full of tomato salsa.
mary salsa.JPG

Again, so sorry to take over the topic, @donna, linked your thread, too! She was a lot amazing- have more on her but out of time today. Tomorrow!

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