Maritime hospital deaths in a Houston General Hospital during CW


First Sergeant
Oct 1, 2010
southern california
Ruben Grow, CSS Dodge (schooner), Lt. Rogers cmdg, 10/25/1862 of phithisis Pulmonary
J.H. Haustock, CSS Webb, 9/18/63 of febris congestiva
Mottes Loeffers, CSS Bayou City, 7/31/1863 of dysenteria Acuta
John Wilson, CSS John F. Carr, stmbt, 7/8/63 of febris congestiva

These victims are from a list compiled by a physician at one of the two general hospitals at Houston as part of statistics of deaths from illness for submission to headquarters. The listing of Haustock as a crewman from the CSS Web is interesting as his vessel was stationed on Red River. He may have been on leave or detached duty picking up supplies at Houston. Grow was a crewman during the period before CSS Dodge was turned over to the Army and her crew taken up river. Loeffers and Wilson were crewmen from the Texas Marine Department.