Major Charles Mundee (USA)


Aug 27, 2016
Hangzhou, China (Wisconsin, USA)
Major Charles Mundee (USA)

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All I could find on Charles Mundee is that he served as an assistant adjutant general on the staff of various generals including the VI Corps and eventually Grant.

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Jan 23, 2021
Brvt. Brigadier General Charles Mundee (CDV is from our family collection), the second photo is General Getty’s staff, Mundee is #2 in the second row.
Born Karoly Mautner in 1824 in Pest, Hungary. He fought in the Hungarian revolution in 1848 under the nom de guerre Karoly Mandy (anglicized to Charles Mundee). He emigrated to the US in 1849 and enlisted in the army and served in the Mexican- American War, having served either under or along with the, then, Captian Ulysses S. Grant, later stationed at Fort Leavenworth, KS and discharged at the end of the war. He re-enlisted as a captain at the beginning of the civil war and was appointed AAG to William “Baldy” Smith of the Vermont Brigade. He was stationed in Philadelphia and Virginia with the Army of the Potomac and the VI Corps under General Getty. He participated in the battles of Winchester, Fischer Hill, and Cedar Creek, being wounded in the later two. He was temporarily in charge of the Vermont brigade during the siege of Petersburg, of which there are several accounts written. For his service and gallantry that day, he was breveted brigadier general. At the end of the was he was assigned as AAG for the provisional government in Florida. He was mustered out at the end of 1866 and appointed the Register of Lands in Florida by president Andrew Johnson. He was actively involved in civil service while in Florida, additionally serving as the Fl Senate Secretary in 1868-1869. He resigned his position in 1871. He died under strange circumstances while in New York in June of 1871, having traveled north for a reunion of the Army of the Potomac.