Muzzleldrs M1855 Harper Ferry Rifle 1860

Oct 24, 2019
I asked the same question many years ago, when I had a fairly robust M1855 collection and unbelievably DuPont still holds the patent, which they apparently renew, at least that was what I was told by a fairly reliable source. I used to reenact with a '55 and wanted to find the tape primers, but I never bothered to follow up, on the veracity of the claim. My '55 collection is down to the nub (1) rifle (2) muskets and my favorite, the Cadet.
Lol, the reason i ask is because I've always wanted to use the tape primer while shooting. I know most use caps when they shoot the 1855, but it's a personal dream of my own to shoot a musket with a tape primer.

I don't even think there is footage ofsomeone using a tape primed musket anywhere, If anyone has that please link.

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