Louisiana Tigers in New Orleans, 1861

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Mar 7, 2014
This is an interesting enlargement of one part of the photo. View attachment 57514
Is this a woman in a kilt? Or a small statured man? I see a small barrel under the left arm. He or she appears to be handing out a short snort of "recipe". I thought at first that all the soldiers' eyes were on the kilt, but now I see that the drummer is staring at the small cup that is changing hands.


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Nov 20, 2012
According to Lee's Tigers, Coppens' Battalion was outfitted with:
"... red fez, a dark blue, loose-fitting jacket trimmed and embroidered with gold cord, dark blue vest with yellow trim, blue cummerbund, baggy red pantaloons, black leather leggings, and white gaiters."

Troiani's depiction:


Note that the "original" Louisiana Tigers were Wheat's 1st Louisiana Special Battalion, named for Co. B "Tiger Rifles" of the battalion. However, Coppens' Battalion as well as all Louisiana infantry in the ANV sort of adopted the nickname, to the dissatisfaction of the original Tigers.
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Jun 5, 2014
Confusion, Missouri
There seems to be several Louisiana vivandieres -- here's one:

The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Va.): September 19, 1861

Arrest of a New Orleans vivandiere.
The Memphis Avalanche of the 11th inst. contains the following in relation to the arrest of a vivandiere in that city:
‘ It seems that some of the Louisiana Regiments have vivandieres attached to them, and their services in Virginia have been spoken of in the highest terms. One of these devoted women, named Helen Voskius, of about twenty years, who accompanied her regiment to Virginia, arrived here yesterday. Her hair was plaited, and her jaunty cap, bloomer pants and close fitting coat, rendered her the observed of all observes. Everybody could see that she was a woman, and some of our police, not being acquainted with such a uniform for the gentler sex, arrested her. She was taken to the station house, the matter explained and Capt. Klink at once set her at liberty. We are sorry that the lovely vivandiere should have been incommoded, and on the part of our citizens generally beg leave to offer our best apology.
Jun 18, 2015
This is a great photo. I know there is a surviving example of a Pennsylvania Zouave uniform. Are there any examples of a southern Zouave uniform left?
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