Miniatures Louis Marx' "Warriors Of The World" Union & Confederate Soldiers From The 1960's


Jul 24, 2016
Great memories from better times - big thank you to all contributers to this thread - enjoyed them and learned quite a lot!

For some reason I totally whiffed on these opportunities though don't recall being aware of their existence and am not recalling friends that had any; would've really enjoyed having some of these sets!

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Feb 23, 2013
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There was a company called S.A.E., I think, that made beautiful sets of metal civil war figures in a smaller scale. I was given one of Union infantry and one of Confederate infantry when I was about 10. Never saw any of them other than those I recieved.

You could see literally HUNDREDS of SAE figures if you visited the old Confederama in Chattanooga or visit it under its new name and location Battles for Chattanooga atop Lookout Mountain next to the visitor center for NPS's Point Park:



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Jul 20, 2019
Thank you very much! If I am ever out there I will have to check that out. I can see how they would make a nice presentation in masses like that especially.

Jun 15, 2021
Hi everyone, I was happy to see the thread about the Marx ACW figures. I too had a box playset given to me for my 10th birthday in 1964 which I still have. I also managed to find some extras a year or two later whilst on holiday. However, without sounding mean I didn't let my son play with them (as I also had a cavalry and Indian set which I let him use and which ended up broken or lost ), and I didn't want the ACW set to go the same way; I haven't even shown them to my grand-son. I had fun playing with them and am glad to say they are still in about 99% mint condition.
Jun 15, 2021
When I joined C/W Talk back in June and mentioned that one of my hobbies was painting model soldiers I was asked to post some pictures so, here are a couple to begin with. The first is of a Series 77 90mm Berdan sharpshooter, the second is a set by Barton miniatures called the rebel line.