Looking for public domain photos that can be reprinted

Sep 8, 2011
Howdy folks

I'm working on a game based on the Wild West. Not exactly Civil War, but similar enough for the time period, etc.

To decorate the rulebook for the game, I'd like to include a lot of early photographs and even artwork, genuine stuff from the time period. But, I just don't know where to find it, and I have no idea if I can legally include it in a book I'm going to publish.

So I thought I would turn to you guys .. does anyone know where I can find old photos that are totally public domain and royalty free? And also, high enough quality that it will look decent when reprinted?

I have found some, but they're all expensive stock photos, I'm hoping to find something affordable, if not free, since I'm building this whole thing more as a hobby and on a shoestring budget.

Can anyone help?

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