Looking for information on Clem Bolden


May 27, 2021
I have been trying to find information on a Black man from Roanoke, VA who was a teamster in the Confederate army. His account is that he was in Colonel Poage's Battalion and that he worked under a wagon boss named Sergeant Burnett/Barnett. However, I have difficulty finding these men. He left Roanoke by taking a train from Salem to Petersburg where he walked to Dutch Gap.
He first joined Poage's Battalion there. He mentions being in Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Keysville, and Burkville Junction. He was also at Appomattox for the surrender.

His name is Clem Bolden. I've done some history on his family and members of his community. He is the only man from his community that I have a name for who worked for the Confederates. I am hoping that finding more information about him or the men he served under will lead me to more information about other men who have gone unnamed.

After the surrender, he volunteered to stay about 3 weeks to help collect guns and other supplies. He then went to Richmond about 2 months to help with watering the horses and mules. He then went to the Capitol Square where they gave him a free pass to take a train that took him to Bonsack.

I'm hoping there is enough detail in here to spark someone's ideas as to where I could look for more information. Thanks in advance.